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Polly's Dolly
Pollyanna's Bio


Pollyanna's Bio
Pollyanna's Doggy's Bio
Pollyanna's Doggy
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Here is Pollyanna's Bio and some little known fact.

Name: Pollyanna Dorough
Birth date: June 10th
Residence: Orlando, FL
Place Born: Washington D.C.
Parents: Hoke and Paula Dorough
Siblings: Caroline (deceased), Angie, John and Howard
Ethnicity: Puerto Rican/Irish
Height: 5'7
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown

Color: Violet, White, Rose
Music Group: Backstreet Boys
Genre of music: Latin
Celeb: Enrique Iglesias
Inspiration: Gloria Estefan
Idol: Cher

Quick Facts:

Name: Pollyanna received her name from the merging of both her mother and aunt's (also her godmother) name. Her mother's name is Paula and people called her Paula. Her aunt's name is Anna Mae, hence POLLYANNA!