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Polly's Dolly
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Pollyanna's Doggy's Bio
Pollyanna's Doggy
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Welcome to my Pollyanna Dorough site.

Everything on theis site is about Pollyanna Dorough and maybe a little about Howie. Thanks for checking it out hope you like it.

On my site I include Pollyanna's bio, pics, news and a lot more. Most of the pictures on my site are from but still some of them are mine because I can do some really good hunting. Come back every once in a while because i am going to be changing things a lot. Sign my guestbook because well it's good to get people to sign it.
*NOTE* Pollyanna does not like to be called "Polly" because she was picked on when she was younger so stick to Pollyanna please.:)


Here is a picture of Pollyanna.


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