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My Friends
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The list below is all the girls that are my friends and next to it a saying about that girl.

Christy- You are the one and only best friend who can talk for hours on one subject!
Margee- You also are a good guy talker lol. We have to talk about out "guys" lol
Courtney- You are awsome to talk to about gossip
Latasha- Youa re a real cool friends who acutally talks lol
Jodi- Awsome to talk to about anyone
Aileene- You may beat me in band but i am a better kisser lol just kidding
Brittney K- You are so cool when it comes to getting a guy to ask me out
Sasha- Great at talking about just about anything
Emily M- Haven't talk to you in a while but we are still the best of friends
Gracie- Way better sports player than me but a awsome friend
Kaitlin- Coollio to talk to and your going to have an awsome B-day.
Courtney- The one and only person I talk to on the internet that I haven't met. :)
Sam F- Hey, I met my twin! Lol it's good to be fair.
Tammy L- great phone talker but you don't have to go and tell the people! lol jk.
Sara K- always a plus on the friend side.
Dani D- great talker and you have got to carry out your "plan" :)
Autumn B- we could talk for hours on a "certain" subjust if you know what i mean-lol
Kristi B-EWWW how could you be going out with Chris? lol j/k don't let Tammy steal him.
Autunm B- hey we could go on and on about one boy-too bad none of us will ever get him!

I need more time i wil be updating frequalty. <--------bad speller