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The list below are all the guys that I am friends with.

Nathan K- Haven't seen you in a while but remember that day in 3rd grade we had to compair shoes-yours were so much bigger than mine.
Joey- you may be mt ex but I'm glad you are still my friend
Jason L - your  really a good friend and i can talk to you about Steve-hehe. 
Steve V-i don't know what to say you are just too nice
Donald T- you are Courtney's b-friend I have to like you lol just kidding
Adam K- you are the best and cooliest person to talk to when I walk home
Dustin T- Best- I can talk to you about just about anything. Your so cool. Oh and it's so fun to stay after school. Wanna go to PetSmart? lol
Tim T- Let's say we both agree Tammy twists MY wording around. We have got to still be cool.
Sean N- we have the same blood-lol-not like that, we both are from the Cleveland area. Awsome attidude though.
Ushman- Always can reliy on a "Sup?" from you-lol.
Nathan S- How about a game of basketball
Jaime P- you are a looker-your such a ladies man but it's all cool!

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