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Howie's a Hunk
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Experiences I Have Had

Everything below really happened to me and only me and maybe my sister and friend.

Ok Since my sister and I had entered the Online Fan Club we wanted to get some really good seats to a concert. My mom is on it and looking to find how to buy the tickets and she goes and buys them. My sister and I get home from school and we look to see where our seats are located. They where right really close to the stage.

We were excited to be going to the concert we couldn't wait. We wanted to get there early because we wanted to see the boys go into the arena. So we leave like at 12:00. We get there and they tell us we had to cross the street. (Oh by the way i bought howie hot sauce and i made him a scrapbook.)So we cross the srteet.

A couple hours later a bus pulls up and we all our screaming and out pops Nick! He waves to us and walks inside. A couple hours later a little van pulls up and out pops Brian and he waves to us. Then like 15 min later another van pulls out and it was Kevin. He got out and waved and took pics (of all of them of course.) Then we wait maybe like 30 min and another bus pulls up...can you guess who this one was...nope not Howie yup it was AJ. He looked pretty mad at something and this was his 2nd concert that he was doing back on the road. Anyway it is Howies turn to come we are waiting and waitng he never comes so we went up to the guard and asks where Howie was they said THEY LOST HIM!!!!!! so we waited and waited he finally showed up but i didn't get to see him because all the girls knocked me down. I was pretty mad!!!!!!!!

Since i had my gift to give to howie i went up to the same gaurd and ask if she could give my gift to Howie and she said she could give it to someone to give to i thought it was better than nothing.

We went up the stairs that you had to go up to, to go inside and you'll never guess what we heard...sound check. We heard it all through the doors. They played I want it that way and songs like that.

It was time to go inside. It was so hot out because it was August 25 and it was hot so my sister and I bought a pop. We went and found our seats and we were very pleased because they where like right there. I wanted to buy the "Howie Bear" and some girl had it and let me see it.

I was even more happy because a really hot guy was sitting behind me even though i knew he was taken because y else would he be at a Backstreet Boys concert. After Sisqo was over some gaurd went up to the hot guy and told him he was in the wrong seats. 2 old people came and sat in the seats and I turned to my sister and said "Oh great now we haave a bunch of old people sitting behind us." She looks at me and said "Dana I think that is Ann, Kevins mom." I looked at her and said it kinda looks like her. Once we saw the VIP sticker we knew it was her.

We turned around and ask if she was Ann and she said No im not. Then like 3 girls came up to her and said Hi Ann do you remember us? That is how Ann knew her cover was blown. We ask some questions about there heritage and the big question of all time "What Year was Kevin Born In?" we asked that because the offical site said 1972 but other people were saying 1971 so we asked her and she said he is going to turn 30 he was born in 1971. Ann's cousin was there and she ask if we wanted a picture with Ann and we sure why not.

It was time for the concert to start and it was so good. Gina (my sister) loves Kevin and she waved to him and he waved back and she fell to the floor and Kevin laughed at her. Howie on the other hand seemed like he was giving me dirty looks and he never waved to me.

When the concert was over we headed to where we were before the concert where we saw the guys go in. One by one the guys came out and left. The last one to leave once again was Howie. The lady that stood next to me was very cool and she liked Howie too so we were talking saying stuff like "what is taking him so long has he met a girl?" or "is Howie on the pot?-lol" then my sister came up to me and said OMG Dana i saw someone inside with your gift. I looked and i saw it.

When Howie finally did come out i got to see him and wave to him and HE GOT MY PRESANT! i saw my scrapbook and my hot sauce so i knew he got it and I was very happy about it.

We talked all the way home and told our mom about it but we also took a side trip to get some pop we were so thirsty we stood outside for about 5 hours waiting for them to get into the area then we had to stand for the concert (and scream) and then we stood outside waitng for Howie to come out. I told my mom all about the lady who liked Howie and I gave her this URL to this website so if you don't believe me i will try and find her and have her e-mail you about it.


Ann is the one on the right and i am the one on the far left.