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Howie's a Hunk
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Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed this things? There quit intresting!



1. Kevin speaks veeeeery slowly.


2. Howie can't stand on stage too long, cause either AJ or Nick find a way to throw him off it, and it's always when they're singing Get Down. (Boy! These guys take this song too serious. I don't wanna know what they'll do if they sing Drowning...).


3. When Brian's talking he says, "hum" at least 20 times in every sentence.


4. In almost every group pic at least one of them isn't smiling.


5. Brian's haircut hasn't change since he's a BSB.


6. In almost every song, usually the ballads, Howie always grabs his chest.



7. Every time Brian sings he closes his eyes.


8. Howie says, " stuff like that" A LOT!


9. Kevin looks like Jesus Christ Superstar. (No offense, actually he looks good) He also looks a lot like Snoop Dog if one of them was black or white.


10. They're always talking to each other during songs, between songs and in interviews (when someone else is talking).


11. On the Everybody video, in the end of the ballroom scene, Brian "forgets" to dance and stays there on the floor.


12. Nick's always jumping on one foot during the More Than That video.


13. Every time they sing Everybody, AJ doesn't, he screams it.


14. They are always making up new words.


15. When Howie does his solo on the 98 tour, pay attention to what he does with the rose. (Were you trying to kill us?!)


16. Nick ALWAYS gets to say lines like: "Am I sexual?" or " your sexuality" (Don't Want You Back). I wonder why is that... (I don't know if I wanna know LOL)


17. AJ can't stay in the same place for too long.


18. Howie introduces them as the Backstreet Boys on stage TOO MANY times.

Howie sweetie, we know who you are. But you're forgiven ;)


19. Nick gets VERY active on stage. I wonder if he drinks red bull before the show...


20. Howie is always smiling. (And what a smile!)


21. When someone's talking, Kevin stares at that person like if he was hypnotized.


22. Howie's always the one who tells how they got together.


23. On every tour at least one of them looses his pants. You know, there're those things called BELTS... (Not that we're complaining of course LOL.)


24. When Nick sang "I'll Make Love to You", he pointed at the floor. I'd like to know why...


25. Nick moves his arms around a lot. You know Nick, one of these days; you'll hit someone...


26. Brian's always making funny faces.


27. Kevin talks very close to the mic, looks like he's gonna eat it.


28. Everybody says AJ is a rebel guy. NO he's NOT. He's actually very sweet.


29. All the Boys have their ears pierced.


30.  Howie is always saying yes with his head when one of the other boys is talking.


31. Brian and Nick are always chewing on gum.


32. Nick closes his eyes when he's singing. He's been hanging with Brian for too long...


33. AJ says "What the heck" lots of times.


34. When they presented the VMA awards, Nick's playing with his hands.


35. Howie calls Nick as Nicky. 


36. When AJ's wearing sunglasses he always looks over them. (so why do you wear them anyway?!)


37. When Nick talks he always stumbles in his own words at least once.


38. On the last 3 videos (The Call, More Than That and Drowning) there's at least one car on each video.


39. On the More Than That and Drowning videos, Nick is always on his knees or moving his arms around.


40. That AJ makes dancing look so easy!


41. That, in concert, Nick is always pretending he's going to untie his pants as well as pretending he's going to strip.


42. Howie never cusses (he only quoted from a movie title on the all accsess video)


43. Nick looks a little girly (thats ok Nick we still love you)


44. Brian likes to flare his nostrils a lot.


45. Howie never talks about his sister Angie. (all we know is that she is his sister and she is older than him)