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Howie's a Hunk
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Embarrissing Moments

These are stories of Howie that are not so plesant but really really funny so I hope you like them. Enjoy!!


Howie had a scary experience once in Eruope as a pack of fans approached when he, Nick and Brian were returning to their hotel after a day of siteseeing. Reaching the safety of the guarded lobby, Brian and Nick looked back and their eyes had popped out as they saw a fan latch onto Howie's backpack and pulled him down. On his back Howie was a helpless as a capsized beetle! As he struggles to right himself, the buttons were torn right off his t-shirt along with some chest hairs-ouch that must of hurt!
It was at a live concert over in Germany. Howie and Nick were on a little catwalk while AJ was doing his rap to "Get Down". Well for some reason Nick threw his arms up and it caught Howie off guard. So he slipped and fell off!! Howie says (in a Bop magazine) that if it wasn't for a security guard who caught him he might have been seriously hurt!!

At "Grad night 97'" Howie was just dancing to one of the songs. Before he knew it he was moving to quick for his shoes. One flew off to the other side of the stage! Howie (embarrassed) walked over and hoping no one would notice and slipped it back on!

One time in a concert Howie was singing a solo when he got hit in the face with a pack of gummy bears!! When he went backstage to see the rest of the guys they were cracking up! Poor Howie!!

In a concert in Toronto, Howie was picking up things on stage and then throwing it back into the audience. Not everything just flowers. Well anyway Howie was picking up a flower that he thought was a rose. When he picked it up he smelled it. He noticed AJ start to laugh at him. He looked at the rose and it was one of those roses that have condoms instead of petals. Howie went totally red according to Brian.

Howie was dancing to "That's The Way I like It" when suddenly he stepped on a teddy bear a girl had thrown up onto the stage. He flew into the air and fell flat on his bum!!

One time Howie had just gotten home so he wanted to take a shower and freshin' up a bit. Anyway some fans rung the doorbell and Howie's mother invited them in. They were looking around when Howie runs down the stairs dripping wet with only a towel on!!!!!! The girls took a bunch of snaps! Howie said he didn't want to be rude and run back up but he was only in a towel!!! Hehehehe... wish I could have seen that!

One time at a concert Howie was just dancing away when he would look down at the fans and they were laughing & pointing. He just thought they were having a good time. When one of them screams as loud as she could "XYZ!!!!" Howie pretended not to hear her but turned totally red faced!! The second the lights went out he checked and zipped up! =)

One time Howie was tring to get some sleep. (Howie sleeps with his mouth open and he talks in his sleep) Nick was playing around and he put and Kit-Kat in Howie's mouth and he took a bite out of it. Oh poor Howie!!



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